Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mitchell Lies Exposed

Those who have known David Schweikert for any length of time are keenly aware of three things:

1.  David Schweikert always tells the truth - no shading, no misleading, no obfuscating.

2.  David Schweikert is one of the smartest public servants we have ever been blessed to know.

3.  David Schweikert believes that public officials work for and are accountable to the citizens he serves.

It has been difficult to watch the scurrilous, outrageously blatant lies in television commercials that have assaulted David's personal integrity and public service.  

To see the truth about one of the worst of the false charges go to:

The lies being spread by Harry Mitchell would make Satan himself blush.  All of his former students call him on his lack of character, honesty and character assassination. 

Whatever you can do to assist David over the next two weeks will be welcomed by David, his family, and the honest citizens of Congressional District Five.

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