Friday, October 22, 2010

21 Anyone?

In case you are not aware, Arizona is right now playing 21 and it is no game.  The Republican/Pachyderm/Tea Party is on the verge of winning a veto proof 21 seats in the State Senate.  This would be an all-time high watermark for the GOP in this state. 

How do we get to this staggering number?  Win at least 4 of the 5 races where we are currently leading or within the margins:

LD1 - Steve Pierce (a lock)
LD3 - Ron Gould (a lock)
LD4 - Scott Bundgaard (a lock)
LD5 - Sylvia Allen (a lock)
LD6 - Lori Klein (a lock)
LD7 - Nancy Barto (a lock)
LD8 - Michelle Reagan (a lock)
LD9 - Rick Murphy (a lock)
LD10 - Linda Gray (leading)
LD11 - Adam Driggs (a lock) -- That's 10
LD12 - John Nelson (a lock)
LD17 - Wendy Rogers (w/i the margin)
LD18 - Russell Pearce (a lock)
LD19 - Rich Crandall (a lock)
LD20 - John McComish (a lock)
LD21 - Steve Yarbrough (a lock)
LD22 - Andy Biggs (a lock)
LD23 - Steve Smith (leading)
LD24 - Don Shooter (leading)
LD25 - Gail Griffin (leading) --  that's 20
LD26 - Al Melvin (a lock)
LD30 - Frank Antenori (a lock)

That is actually 22 if we win ALL the close races.  That is the good news - the better news is that 16 of them are conservatives, but ONLY if we make sure the candidates that are now considered leading end up winning their races. 

Ten days to go.  What will you do to make sure we elect 21 Republican senators - and, more importantly, elect 16 conservative senators?

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