Saturday, October 23, 2010

The meeting and socializing 
returns November 2

We are ten days out and it is past time to cease the "greet, meet and retreat" groups where we talk about politics. The members of the audience are already involved and know the problems of the system, the good and bad candidates, and how they are going to vote.

Our candidates need boots on the ground and voices on live phone lines to push Republicans to return their early ballots NOW. As of this writing on early Saturday morning, less than one-third of Republican early ballots have been returned. We will NOT defeat Kirkpatrick, Hulburd, Mitchell, Grijalva and Giffords for Congress, nor Johnson, Schapira, Rios, Aguirre, Alvarez and Cage for the State Senate unless those ballots are completed and returned on time!

We encourage everyone in Maricopa County to contact Dave Schweikert personally at 602-619-3330 or check his website at: Better yet, take a shortcut and go to his Scottsdale office at 4110 N. Goldwater, on the second floor, south side of the building. You'll see the signs. The calls you make there will also help turn our legislature into a veto-proof majority.

Of course, David could use some cash to counter the scurrilous Democrat Committee attacks, but more importantly he needs YOU to schedule time to make personal phone calls encouraging Republicans to return their early ballots.

There are more than 50,000 Republican ballots not returned in CD5 in Maricopa County alone as of this writing. If those ballots are returned, we will have an unprecedented increase in conservative Republicans in our legislature and will ensure the retirement of Mitchell, Hulburd, etal.

So lets stop the partying and socializing until after 7pm on November 2. The real party will begin when the work is done.

Thanks for all you do, but now is the time to "double down" on this effort.

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