Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shellacked at home
then Shellacked abroad

It appears that the President has failed in his billion dollar mission to restore his tarnished image.  On November 2, the policies of Barack Hussein were repudiated by his foster countrymen with a thorough shellacking at the ballot box.  Americans made the right choice in turning out nearly seventy Democrat Congressmen along with the governors of almost all of the midwestern states plus a few more for good measure.

For comfort and reactualization of his ID, Barack Hussein returned to his boyhood homeland.  To his dismay, this journey became the location of his second shellacking in two weeks at the hands of his muslim, sino and european friends.

Sometimes a boy just doesn't know where to turn for repair to his ego.  Maybe he should try the country that calls him their son - Kenya.  It may prove once again that all of life is a circle.

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