Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Procrastination will only make the problem worse

Arizona is 900 million dollars in the hole and getting deeper. Our General Fund revenues are about a 100 million dollars a month less than our expenditures. That is about 25 million a week. What that means is the legislature needs to come in NOW and reduce the budget by at least 1.5 billion dollars.

Every day agencies are spending money we don't have. The longer we wait to do the cuts, the less money there will be to fix the problem.  We have agencies that are still bloated with administrators and managers.  We have agencies that were created in good economic times that are duplications of other layers of government or intrude into areas previously handled well by private industry .

Arizona needs to put a five year moratorium on any new regulation by state and local government that restricts business. This moratorium needs to retroactively include many state, county and local regulations that were conceived as hidden tax raising schemes on Arizona businesses and homeowners over the last decade.  All regulations not directly addressing health and safety, that restricts home businesses need to be eliminated.

It is better to see street signs trying to attract customers into a business or store than all these empty storefronts and office buildings. It is better to have someone running a business out of their house than have all these empty foreclosures and "For Sale" signs up and down every street.

City ordinances that require developers to establish an HOA on all new developments need to be rescinded and current property owners need the ability to rescind their current HOA status.  Government must get out of the way if we are to get our economy growing again.

Waiting only makes it worse.

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