Friday, January 7, 2011

Misplaced finger pointing

"Unintended consequences by one's actions do come home to roost.", states Wes Harris, in a visceral diatribe against Rob Haney. It is unfortunate that Mr. Harris makes accusations against one of our greatest patriots in Maricopa County. It is nearly surreal considering the fact that Mr. Harris has done little more than create disharmony and conflict in his short time in the Party.

Lets see if we can help Mr. Harris. It is the right, no, the DUTY of every conservative Republican to bend every effort supporting the conservative candidate on the ballot - General AND Primary.  Rob Haney has a clear and consistent record of fulfilling that duty.  Every conservative registered voter - including Precinct Committeemen - should do likewise. To do less would be an abrogation of the values that true conservatives espouse.

Going further, Mr. Tom Husband has gone on record challenging you to substantiate that Mr. Haney used his office title to endorse or support any candidate in the Primary.  You have failed to provide such documentation, since there is none available.  NOTE:  No Precinct Committeeman or Party Elected Official is required to give up their Freedom of Speech rights in order to serve.

We are surprised about one thing you allege Mr. Haney did. For him to converse with you in a pleasant manner is more than you deserved.  Maybe that is due to the fact he was not surprised at your baseless charges considering your actions since you stumbled out into the political arena in an obvious effort to promote yourself.

You can be comforted by the fact that your actions will not be laid at the feet of the Tea Party. No one of import has looked at you as a bonafide representative of the Tea Party for many months. 

We are especially mindful of the fact that this attack comes less than 24 hours prior to the Statutory Meeting.  Exactly how much are you under the influence of the RINO/Chamber functionaries - as much as Ms Bolick, who raised much of her campaign funds from that particular group?

If you are going play politics, you should at least learn the basics of the game before you try your hand at intrigue. 

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