Friday, January 14, 2011

Reince Priebus new RNC Chair

The Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman, Reince Priebus has been elected as the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee on the seventh ballot.  Mr. Priebus led on every ballot, and increased his vote total on every ballot that culminated with 97 votes.  The Committee later unanimously approved his selection by acclimation.

The former Chairman, Michael Steele, dropped out after the fourth ballot as his support waned on every ballot from 44 on the first ballot to 28 on the fourth. 

Mr. Priebus has a record of suporting the grass roots activists, working closely with AFP, Tea Party and other conservative organizations in what has traditionally been a blue state.  Under his leadership, the GOP won the US Senate Seat (defeating Russ Feingold of the notorious McCain-Feingold law), the Governorship, six of the Congressional seats and both houses of the Legislature. 

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