Friday, September 10, 2010

The Unemployment Scam

Are you unemployed?

Not if you are on federal extended unemployment benefits - even if you were laid off from your job and have been unable to find work.

Not if you have run out of unemployment benefits - even if you were laid off from your job and have been able to find work.

Not if you have applied at every business who uses your skills and they are laying off and you do not have any chance to find employment in your skills.

Not if you have risked all your life savings in starting a business that failed due to the economic downturn.

Not if you were laid off in California or one of the other eight states that did not report data to the Department of Labor this week due to the Labor Day Holiday so the Obama crew was forced to "estimate" new claims.

That is the way the Obama Administration counts unemployment.

The Obama Administration that promised that unemployment would not exceed 8% if we passed the stimulus package, and has now led us through Recovery Summer tells us we are making progress.

In spite of a myriad of accounting gimmicks, they are now reporting 9.6% unemployment. The facts are that the number of people looking for work that cannot find such work is over 20%. The highest since the Great Depression and the Obama Administration is using the FDR method that increases the chance we will be in this mess for a decade.

We have the opportunity to make sure that dire situation is corrected beginning four weeks from now as we cast our early ballots. It is time to bring the hopey-changey thing to a screeching halt. Take the Richard Daley course and vote early and vote often.

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